A space of multiple simultaneous openings

The Comparative Art Museum of Sangeorz-Bai is meant to cancel the obligation of maintaining a certain route/trace and to make us part of a program of fascinating(ed) discoveries. The creator of the museum counts on the active presence of the people in a process of finding successive meanings, in a dynamic that involves traditional objects, contemporary art works and a certain carefully built atmosphere. The visitor is the binder. He puts to work his own responsive ability, he makes associations, he makes and re-makes ephemeral histories and he makes his own museum. The deeper the reflection is the better and the more impressing is the museum, each time.

Of course, the visitor has what he needs: the precise and noble trace of the past inside traditional objects, the visions of the contemporary artists whom have been seduced during time by the project of the museum, the tension of the countless possible associations, but not by all means at hand.

Beyond visible, The Comparative Art Museum of Sangeorz-Bai essentially hires us into the games of metavisual.